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Project Synopsis

Project Title: www.XML_Tracker.Com

Introduction To application Area

This Project is used to for different Purpose through XML Language and XSL Transaction and including CSS and DHTML Format. The Main idea behind this project is to track the user details of this website and store in an xml file. So we can store and manipulate the data with out using a database. The users of the site can create and host different advertisements based on their requirements. This is main attraction of the site.

Modules of the Project

XML Read And Write Module

XML Advertisement Module

XSL Format Module

XML Data Passing through Remoting

1. XML Read And Write Module

In this module we can write the user entered data we can write the XML format file into Server Machine and Read the file from Server Machine into the same format

2. XML Advertisement Module

The User entered data we can put the Advertisement File and call different pictures through XML format File. And this type we can put the Server and client Machine.

3. XSL Format Module

This Module user data can be converted into XSL files. XSL files is used to presentation of an XML document and used to translate XML documents into other formats like DHTML. XSL files we can make a style sheet language aimed at activities such as rearranging the document that are supported by CSS

4. XML Data Passing through Remoting

The XML Data format passing from Server to Client machine is using Remoting. We can get the Data from different Server to Client Machine.


The Project Entitled “WebSchool”, is a total general purpose online product that will manage the entire information of a school. This project is a proposal to completely automate the work in a school. This project is mainly indented for providing an efficient means of administration starting from the front Office to the point where the result of the student is published and delivered. The working of the software start with the registration of the student and teacher and maintains the entire activities like the attendance, assignments, examination details etc. This software will work as a tool at office, can be used by a teacher and can even do good to the guardians. This software is to be developed using C#.NET and ASP.NET with Sql server as the Database.

The objective of this project is to develop a system to computerize the office activities of the school, which is now maintained manually. It also includes the computerization of activities handled by the teacher like the student attendance, general administration and the generation of student progress sheets.

Computerization of the above said areas would reduce the disadvantages of the existing system such as low speed, excessive paper work and huge expense. The new system is very user friendly and flexible which can meet the requirements in time.
System Objectives
The project entitled “WebSchool” is targeted to simplify the aspects concerned with general school administration. This application focuses on initial servicing to be made by the school right from the student entry into the school to the date he moves out. The major objectives of the system can be listed as the following: -

It gives the Administrator complete control over the system. This gives him permission to enter new student and teachers and modify their data whenever necessary.
Each student is provided a separate account where he/she can view his attendance marks and other personal details.
Each teacher is also provided a separate account where he/she is provided with the privilege to access the details of all the students and enter marks and attendance details accordingly
The parent login gives the parent access to view the details of their children like their marks and attendance.
An additional field called the notice board is also being implemented which can send notices to all the different layers from the administrator and the teachers.
.Other objectives are:-

To Make student identification easy
To identify the current student details.
To maintain the teacher information.
To keep track of the student appraisal.
To identify the status of the student at a given period.
To initiate better office
To make a paper less office

The project is mainly divided into Five Modules
(i) Administration Module
(ii) Teacher Module
(iii) Student Module
(iv) Parent Module
(v) Appraisal Report Module

The Administration Module.

Administration module is the core module in this software. This module provide administrator to add information regarding students, teacher details. It also provides authentication facilities to the above resources. The functions of Administration Module include publishing notices to the various departments. It also includes scheduling of class timetables and exam timetables. This module provides the facility to send and receive mails to and from Parents, Teachers, and Students.

The Teacher Module

Teacher module in this software deals with various internal activities in the school. This module is responsible for recording the attendance of students, Scheduling class tests, assigning Home Works to the students belonging to various classes. Keeping the individual marks of students in various exams is another activity happening in this module. It also provides facility for viewing the notices, send and receive mails from various levels of the organization.

The Student Module

In Student module, the students can view their attendance, assignments, homework etc.
This module provides the facility for viewing the attendance of individual students on a particular day or a given period of time. This module is concerned with viewing the details of class timetables, exam timetables, marks for various exams, and appraisal reports. Mails and notice facilities are also included in this module.

The Parent Module
The Parent module includes the facility for viewing the attendance of their children. They can also access the exam results and progress reports of their children. The Parents can communicate with the various levels of the organization through mails. Viewing notices from various level is the another facility included in this module.
The Appraisal Report

One of the importance of this application is to decrease the discrepancy in the generation of the Student Appraisal reports. This module concentrates on student to exam wise marks entry and the generation of the progress report. This is implemented by collecting information from the administration module and the student module.

Web Framework

Project Title: Web Framework

Tools / Platform: The project will be in Windows-2000 platform with ASP .Net (Scripting to be done using C#). The Web Server will be IIS. SQL server 2000 will be used as the back end device.
Introduction to application Area

The project aims at facilitating the website programmer a framework where he can create web pages dynamicaly. Our framework takes input from an xml in which the user requirements is specified in user tags. We will pass this xml file and based on the info we will create the pages needed..The project will be implemented as follows. Initially we create a website. A user who needs to use our facility needs to register with our site. Once that is done he can login and upload an xml file or use the settings page to his requirements, and once he submits it, a folder is created and provided to him. He can download the folder and can use the files for his application..
1. Administrator Module
• Create HTML file
• Convert XML to Sql Database
• Create .cs file
2. user Module
• User Creation
• Upload XML File
• Down Load HTML File

Virtual Teacher

Virtual Teacher

Virtual teacher can help o overcome many obstacles of life. There is a benefit that students can learn at home or any place they choose, where you have access to a computer with Internet access. As a distance education student, all student works independently, but they are not alone. Technology links them to their faculty members. The project virtual teacher is a network based intranet application. The project aims two categories of uses administrator and user. Using this project teacher can teach students through presentation. Students can create their on assignment as presentation and can submit to teachers.

This project mainly contain 2 modules
1. Administrator

• Teacher registration
In this module teacher can register by giving their username, password etc.
• Send mail
In this module teacher can sent mail to users and can receive mail from students.
• Create presentation
In this module teacher can create presentation and can sent to students to view and hear.
• Check request
In this module teacher can check request sent by user.
2. User

• Member registration
In this module student can register by giving their username, password etc.
• Send mail
In this module student can sent mail to users and can receive mail from students.

• Create and edit presentation
In this module student can create/edit presentation and can sent to teacher to view and hear.

• Send request
In this module student can sent request for presentation to teacher.


Project Synopsis

Project Title: e-RECRUITER
Tools / Platform: The project will be in Windows-2000 platform with ASP .Net (Scripting to be done using C#) and database will be SQL Server 2000. The Web Server will be IIS.
Introduction to application Area

The project titled VIRTUAL INTERVIEW & RECRUIT deals with the web based Job Search, Job Posting, Online Interview & recruitment. Employers can search and find out the suitable candidates by using the online interview facility which is provided in this website.
Modules of the Project
1) Candidate Registration Module
The module helps in registration of the prospective candidates with the system. The candidates have to register with site to get a login. They have to enter the personal details during the registration process. The data entered by the user will be strictly validated inside the web site. Once the login is available they can register their CV with the site.
2) Company Module

The module helps in registration of the companies with the site. The site will receive the company details like, type of company, location of company, Types of Vacancy, Departments etc. Once registered, they will get a user id and password to get into the system. Then can access the different services offered by the web site such as posting of jobs, searching of employees and online interview etc.

3) Job Posting Module

The module helps the registered companies to post their job openings with the site. Posting of job includes data entry like type of requirement, minimum qualification, minimum experience and location of work.
4) Search Module

The module helps in searching of jobs posted by the candidates as well as the search of matching candidates by the companies. The two way search facility is available with the site. Companies can search the registered employees and they can view employee profiles to find out the suitable one. And employees can search the different job openings which are posted by the registered companies.
5) Resume posting and Job Application Module
The module helps the employees to post their resume to the website. The module helps in sending an online application to the company for a job published in the web site.
6) Call Letter Module

The module helps in generation of Call Letters for the candidates based on the application submitted by them.
7) Automatic Mailer Module

The module helps in sending automatic emails to members of the site on a regular basis for the jobs posted in the site.
8) Online interview module

The registered companies can search and find employees who satisfies their criteria. And they can conduct online interview with the candidates to know the ability of the candidate. This is based on Online Chatting between different departments of the Company & the short listed Candidate. This will be an Interactive ONLINE Communication between Clients and Candidate, which will help in ease the recruit procedure.
9)Administration Module

The module helps in administration of the site and generation of administrative level reports like number of registration per day and numbers of call letters send through the site on different time intervals. The module also helps in automatic backup and recovery of data in the database.



This is a web based Image, Video Sharing application.
The Main Modules are:

1. Admin
Administrator can restrict access to albums based on user rights/groups. E-mail notifications can be sent to selected users notifying them when new pictures are available.
• View registered user
In this module administrator can view registered users.
• View daily status
Administrator can view daily status of users.
2. User
This module Provides access to pictures and video clips, and albums using a web browser. Features include:

Retrieving pictures or video clips in the album.
Filtering out pictures which the current user is not authorized to see. Filter albums based on date posted.
o Search for images based on attributes such as keywords and date created/posted.
• Create User Group
In this module user can create their own user group. User can take membership from other user group.
• Upload image/down load
User can upload or download images using this. In this module user can set privileges to images. It may private to his user group or public.
• Preview and Play module
Users can Preview images in albums as thumbnails or view each image individually in a slide show.
• Mailing
In this module user can send and receive mail.

Universal Smart Card

Project Title: Universal Smart Card

Introduction to application Area

. “Universal smart cards” is a web based network marketing cum secured shopping application. We can split the application into two areas .The first, network marketing and second smart shopping. The concept behind this project is uniquely different. This is neither a shopping site nor a marketing site.
The first area of the application is related to creating network of users. The network of users will grow in a specific manner. And the later is centered on the shopping. In network creation process each user will be allotted a highly secured smart card. When the user goes for purchasing to a shop which is registered to our site (and is having a smart card reader; which is provided by the company) after billing he can swap his card in the machine and a certain percent of billed amount will be debited to the card. And thus he will get a huge amount without any effort, with in small period. And he will also get commission while his child members conduct purchase from smart shops.
At times he can purchase using the smart card itself. And the cardholder can not with draw the amount in the card as money. He can only purchase using card. This increases the sales cycle also. Ultimately this concept tries to improve the shopping and thus to improve the sales performance of the smart shops.

Modules of the Project

Administrative module

This module takes care of all the data management of the application. Master data creation and maintenance will be done by an administrator. Master data creation include creation of states, creation of districts, creation of regions, creation of cardholders, set and edit commission etc. The administrator also have the permission to take database back up and download the database backup to his/her local hard disk. Administrator also has the right to upload the details of smart shops. The Administration is secured. This module takes care of all the data management of the application.

Smart Shops Validation Module

This module deals with the addition and Inclusions of new types and
category of shops, along with the required security settings and valid settings of the establishments.

Region Module

With this module you can add new regions. A region means Franchise. After the region creation, each region is able to join members. Each member will get a smart card. The details about the user and card details will stored to master database only after the approval of the administrator. Franchise can view the Active members and they can access the commission details of their child members.

User module

A user can join and he will get the smart card at a cost of 250 Rs. And he has to join his child members to the network. And he will get certain commission amount of commission from his child members. And that amount will be added to the smart card.

Smart module
This is the most important module of the project. We are implementing a DTS (Data Transformation Service) Package of an RDBMS. This module allows us to shop using the smart card which is issued by the company. The technical division of the card manufacturing company will give notepad data of the card’s output. We convert this notepad output to SQL server database. In database the administrator can search and find the total commission scored by the user, total amount which is consumed by the user through purchase.
Report module

This module contains the process of reporting. Administrator can create various reports like number of card holders per month, per week, per day and details of card holder’s district wise, region wide etc. Administrator will be able to create report of commission of members, commission of franchise etc. Franchise can create reports based on member status, i.e. applied / approved etc. The users will get a report of their child card holders and the details of smart shops etc.

Cart Creation Module

The module is the heart of the application. In this module we are creating a shopping cart based on the selection of the user. User selects the products as he want and he types in the quantity also. Based on this information we will create a shopping cart and this cart will be available for editing.

Edit cart Module

After the product selection the user can edit the quantity of the product. More over user can add or remove products from the selected list. Here we are using the data grid control to display and edit the data in the shopping cart. More than that we are using the important concepts such as session and view state to implement the shopping cart.

Save Module

The module helps the user to save the selected products to the database. During this process each selected products will be send to the remote server from the local client.